Economical specialised product to replace skimmed milk powder in baked goods. Whilst the advantages of milk powder in the baking are retained, the volume and keeping variations possible with milk are minimised.

Available in 20kg Bag

An egg extender in powder form, based on milk protein and vegetarian whey powder, to replace whole egg in sponge and cake batters, giving cost saving and quality improvement. BALEC can be used to replace egg up to a level of 50% (depending on egg content) in sponge and cake batters either in its dry form or reconstituted. Quality improvements can be achieved when BALEC is used to partially replace dried or pasteurised liquid egg.

  • Finer Texture
  • Softer Crumb
  • Cost Saving
  • Reduces Ingredient Costs
  • Suitable For Vegetarian Products
  • Improved Fresh Keeping
  • Increased Volume

Available in 25kg Bag

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